Contract Manufacturer of Precision Plastic Parts

As contract manufacturer of precision plastic parts, i-Tech Plast offers in-house solution for different products. Our advanced technology is capable of creating accurate and affordable injection moulding, and custom parts.

The best part about i-Tech Plast is its on-site tool room which is fully equipped to provide precision made products. All parts manufactured at i-Tech Plast are crafted within the parameters of the highest quality control standards.

At i-Tech Plast we work with the most renowned and reputed machines such as Engel, Arbug, Toshiba, Ferromatic Milacron etc., to provide turnkey solutions for the right part every time. These tie-bar less machines have the capability to accommodate large-sized moulds. The option to accommodate multi-cavity moulds turns out to be economical as well as helps in delivering the products faster.

As contract manufacturer of precision plastic parts, i-Tech Plast is committed to its motto of excellence and quality. i-Tech Plast plastic parts are manufactured in adherence to ISO 9001:2015, 14001 and BIS standards. We are diligent towards our principle and strictly follow our path to achieve zero-defect quality.

Customer satisfaction is at the core our business and that is why i-Tech Plast uses the world’s best Japanese CNC Machine Makino to achieve tolerance of +/-0.001 mm. The use of this machine helps us provide our customers with a premium cosmetic view of the product as well as accuracy that is sharp to the core.

For example, the MCB switch is one product that requires parts with sharp precision and accuracy of plastic components. This precision and accuracy in the components is what helps in the timely trip during high voltage.

i-Tech Plast being contract manufacturer of precision plastic parts, believes in giving its customers the best and that is why it also offers moulding facility for mass production as well as post moulding facility such as Ultrasonic welding.

At i-Tech Plast we understand what the customer’s needs and deliver what they need. Each project is different and we ensure that equal attention is accorded to every customer.

For critical components, automatic assembly is done and automatic push force test is measured online for 100% of the plastic parts.

Following the assembly, we do Ultrasonic Welding as per the requirement of the component type with the latest closed Telsonic Ultrasonic machines from Switzerland. This ensures minimum component stress and aids in faster plasticization.

i-Tech Plast as contract manufacturer of precision plastic parts, is also fully capable of printing millions of plastic parts under strict QC parameters. After printing proper aeration of the parts is done to ensure that they are safe for human interaction.

This is followed by a dimension control of the produced plastic parts as per the requirements of the customers. For critical dimension CpK>1.33 is used.

i-Tech Plast also provides colour measurement facility with spectro-photometer to measure the colour values of the parts in contrast to the master colour to match customer’s desired colour code.

Extreme care is taken to ensure hygiene and safety during the manufacture of these parts that is why i-Tech Plast is growing in its field as a popular contract manufacturer of precision plastic parts.

If you have any products that need to be mass-manufactured at an overall competitive price with zero-defect quality, or you have any idea/project which needs to be developed from designing to mass production in compliance with the world best standards, i-Tech Plast is the answer, submit your requirement below and start rolling your success story.

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