Contract Manufacturer of Toys

At i-Tech Plast we understand that a toy is not just another thing to be made it requires a special competence and a special facility with the required tools and equipment. We know that our expertise in the field as contract manufacturer of toys is capable of providing complete solutions to customers.

Our in-house tool room takes care of each process that manufacturing entails: product designing, prototyping, pilot mold, and commercial mold. The i-Tech Plast Toys Contract Manufacturing Unit is equipped to take the path that the customer’s project requires.

The mass production begins once the customer approves the samples. The first step after that is molding. At i-Tech Plast we are committed to using the world’s most reputed branded machines when molding.

The next step is assembly. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the manufactured toys are assembled dust free and in a climate controlled environment. While some toys require manual assembling, others are done automatically depending on the customer’s demand.

As a complete contract manufacturer of toys, i-Tech Plast knows what it means to adhere to standards and that is why every product made at our facility is kids friendly. We take care to ensure our work spaces are also hygiene controlled. Our employees too know the value of cleanliness and hygiene and ensure that no contamination is passed on to the toys that are produced.

For critical components automatic assembly is done and automatic push force test is measured online for 100% of the Toy Parts. After the assembly of the toys we do ultrasonic welding as per requirement with latest closed loop TELSONIC Ultrasonic machines that are imported from Switzerland. The biggest advantage of these machines is that they ensure minimum component stress and rapid plasticization.

Since most of the toys require Pad printing we do multi color up to 4 colors pad printing on the plastic parts through an automated process which ensures high level of printing accuracy and consistency.

As a preferred contract manufacturer of toys, we also print millions of plastic parts under strict QC parameters. Printing is followed by proper aeration of the parts to ensure these toys are safe for human interaction. The next step is dimension control of the produced plastic parts in accuracy of 0.001 mm as per customer requirement.

The dimension measurement is done for critical dimensions such as CpK> 1.33 following which we do color measurement with spectro-photometer which measures the color values of parts with respect to the master color chip to match customer’s desire color code.

Being a contract manufacturer of toys i-Tech Plast also conducts a mechanical and physical testing as per ISO standards and a chemical analytical testing of materials. The toys are then packaged as per customer specifications in a proper climate control area under proper hygienic conditions. We also provide vacuum packing or tray packing on request. Finally, the packed material is screened through a metal detecting scanner so that no unwanted metal parts are packed with the plastic toys.

If you have any products that need to be mass-manufactured at an overall competitive price with zero-defect quality, or you have any idea/project which needs to be developed from designing to mass production in compliance with the world best standards, i-Tech Plast is the answer, submit your requirement below and start rolling your success story.

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