Plastic Caps Manufacturers

Plastic caps manufacturing is an art and needs precision and accuracy to yield promising, desired results. I-Tech Plast is one of the best plastic caps manufacturers, specialises in manufacturing plastic caps that help protect your products from leakage, contamination and help in storing. We undertake specific orders and have prepared batches of most caps and closures that suit your requirements.

As the best plastic cap manufacturers in the industry with a history of untarnished records, we use revolutionary injection moulding technology. We follow safety measures to the T and adhere to ISO 9001:2015, 14001 and 45001 and BIS certificate standards.

I-Tech Plast ensures and promises quality and precision and exclusively uses virgin raw materials that fall under the food grade plastics, making them safe and healthy options. As plastic cap manufacturers who use materials and produce caps that come under PP, HDPE, LDPE, etc., we are one among the best plastic cap manufacturers in India.

We conduct safety and quality tests regularly and our services vary based on the customer’s needs and desires. I-Tech Plast’s in-house tool room is the one-stop solution for all the manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing process begins from the design stage that is then imprinted onto a pilot mould which in turn becomes the foundation for the final mass commercial mould. This mould is then used to produce plastic caps and closures. As plastic cap manufacturers who make no compromises in quality, we undertake all these processes within a single roof and supervise the production meticulously, at every step along the way.

While one may presume that caps can be used interchangeably and does not need the kind of scrupulousness that we at I-Tech Plast practice, we are of the belief that for caps to effectively do the function that they were made for, they need to be custom designed keeping in mind the product specification. Depending on this specification, one may choose between push fit caps, threaded caps, threaded plugs and push fit plugs. These are only a few among the myriad choices of closures, caps and plugs manufactured by our company.

Due to the injection moulded technology, we employ and the high quality of raw materials used, our caps are durable, user-friendly and healthy choices and as the most reasonable and trusted plastic cap manufacturers, we uphold our quality measures quite strictly and stringently.

If you have any products that need to be mass-manufactured at an overall competitive price with zero-defect quality, or you have any idea/project which needs to be developed from designing to mass production in compliance with the world best standards, i-Tech Plast is the answer, submit your requirement below and start rolling your success story.

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