The assembly of small parts are done so in a dust free, climate controlled environment within class 8 clean room to prevent the slightest combination possible from foreign particles present in the surrounding environment.
The ultrasonic welding is conducted through the latest Telsonic Ultrasonics Machines from Switzerland which are known for minimum component stress and rapid plasticization.
Pad Printing machines ensure the parts required to be printed on are done so with precision. This is conducted in a dust free environment.
The Konica Spectro-Photometer is used to determine the accuracy of the colors after the pad printing process. To ensure the Delta E value is kept <= 1.0
Highly calibrated tools like digital vernier caliper, pin gauge, height gauge, slip gauge, micro meter and digital video projector systems are used to determine the quality and accuracy of parts produced.
The assembly of intricate parts is done by a trained, complaint & dedicated team for our clients.

Post-Moulding Facilities