Plastic Injection Molded Parts

Plastic injection molded parts are known for their precision. I-Tech Plast uses injection moulding technology to produce Plastic injection molded parts using machines that come from branded and reputed companies like Engel, Arbug Toshiba, Ferromatic Milacron, etc. These stellar machines use tie bar less mechanism that aids in accommodating large size moulds.

There is the option of multi cavity moulds in the production of Plastic injection molded parts. We can undertake large orders with mass production requirements to meet the demands of the client, more economically, feasibly and at a faster pace.

I-Tech Plast prizes its focus on quality and its Plastic injection molded parts come under the ISO certification of ISO 9001:2015, 14001, 45001. Following BIS standards adherently, we manufacture goods with zero defects.

With the support of Japanese CNC Machine Makino that are best in the world, I-Tech Plast’s in-house tool room has the ability to achieve tolerance of +/- 0.001 mm that ensures customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

The Plastic injection molded parts also get a premium, cosmetic outlook and also have a sharp precision in meeting the accurate demands of the clients. Just as an MCB switch requires accurate precision to allow it to trip down during voltage variations, our products also promise that level of accuracy and precision.

I-Tech Plast also has specialised moulding facility for mass production as well as particular post- moulding operations facilities such as Multisonic Color Pad Printing, Automatic Assembly and Ultrasonic welding, etc which can be customised as per customer’s wishes. For critical components of Plastic injection molded parts automatic assembly is initiated wherein automatic push force is tested and measured with the help of technology.

The assembly process is followed by ultrasonic welding that is cut out as per component type requirement using latest closed loop Tele-sonic Ultrasonic machines all the way from Switzerland. This machine ensures minimum component stress and allows rapid plasticization.

In the manufacture of Plastic injection molded parts, I-Tech Plast is the best. Our customers are our backbone and we would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch with us and raise your doubts or concerns.

If you have any products that need to be mass-manufactured at an overall competitive price with zero-defect quality, or you have any idea/project which needs to be developed from designing to mass production in compliance with the world best standards, i-Tech Plast is the answer, submit your requirement below and start rolling your success story.

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